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Test solution built for extreme environmental conditions eliminated interference


Vestfrost Solutions is a global developer of innovative and efficient refrigerators and freezers for the professional market. In their testing laboratories, Vestfrost can measure parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, electricity and power consumption for their products – all in climate rooms with temperatures ranging from -10 to +70⁰C. However, an outdated test set-up caused problems for the company, as long cables from the sensors in each climate room caused periodical interference on the measurements. Vestfrost needed a solution that reduced the cable length and was able to withstand the extreme temperature conditions of the climate rooms.


CIM supplied a solution consisting of new electrical panels to all Vestfrost’s climate rooms. Vestfrost required short cables for the sensors, so the hardware had to be located in the climatized rooms themselves, as close as possible to the refrigerators and freezers being tested. That meant it had to be able to withstand temperatures between -10 and +70⁰C. CIM built the solution using hardware from National Instruments. CIM also provided a software platform that sets up measurement points and collects data. With the new software platform, Vestfrost’s technicians control the entire setup of a measurement campaign from one single program, which was not possible in the company's old software solution. Another advantage is the new web client which enables technicians to keep track of the testing from computers anywhere in the building.


Vestfrost now has a testing solution that is robust and easy to use. Flexibility has increased for the company’s test technicians and the everyday tasks of setting up and managing tests have become much easier.

"Although we had to get used to the new software, we are pleased with it. The receipts are now something we can bring onto the screen and reuse by just a few clicks. And then there is the absence of frustrations at measurements with interference noise and the secure knowledge that if a module breaks, we will be able to receive a new one within a few days"

Per Nygaard Hansen

MSC Engineering, Vestfrost Solutions


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