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Vision Inspection is at the heart of production in many industries, but none are as bound by regulations and compliance standards as the pharma industry. CIM delivers vision inspection solutions for some of the world’s largest pharma companies. We are highly experienced and ready to take on any challenge.

CIM.AS is an authorized NI Gold Partner with Machine Vision Specialty

Your benefits

Choosing CIM SPECTS gives you a number of benefits:

  • Compliance to international standards is guaranteed
  • Plug-and-play technology for easy integration
  • Minimal impact on OEE
  • CIM is your dedicated partner all the way

Everything included

A CIM SPECTS solution is customized to match your needs completely, but it always includes:

  • User Management system with integration to corporate domain and AD
  • Trail system that meets audits from regulatory authorities
  • CFR21 part 11 compliance readiness
  • Flexible recipe-based inspections
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Full documentation package
  • Industrial grade vision components
Device Inspection

Make sure everything is perfect

A device inspection ensures that a given device looks perfect and functions correctly before it moves down the production line. CIM has developed standard solutions for device inspection that makes it easy to integrate into any line. Proper device inspection prevents any less-than-perfect products from reaching the end-user.

Mix-Up Test

Make sure the mix is right

In a mix-up test, a camera inspects if the correct product is fed into the assembly machine and selected in the recipe. The mix-up test ensures the correct product is selected and guarantees the safety of the end-user. The test reveals if the product has the correct cap colour, cartridge, cartridge holder, motor module, or simply the correct housing.

360° Inspection

We look at it from above

360° vision inspection is a standard application in CIM SPECTS solutions.

It makes it possible to inspect an item from above instead of making it rotate in front of a camera (which slows line speed) or using three or four cameras to cover a 360° view. Think of a pre-printed 2D code on an injection pen, for instance. The code has to be read and tracked, but you do not know the rotational placement inside the machine. Without the 360° vision inspection technology, you would need a complicated camera set-up in the production line. With 360° vision inspection, everything is done with just one 360° vision inspection from above.

Label Inspection

Verification of label data

Before applying labels onto a device, a product label is fed into the assembly machine. The label holds critical data like LOT no., expiry date, and batch information. Furthermore, a customer serialization 2D code is printed on the label, which has to be read and tracked.

SPECTS includes standard inspection modules that verify variable data applied on to a label using OCR/OCV and code reading tools.

Label on Device Inspection

Inspection of the label’s placement on the device

The end-user of a device (an injection pen, for instance) often makes a visual assessment of the device before using itThat is why it is crucial that the product label is placed correctlythat it is reliable, readable, and not wrinkled or folded. CIM SPECTS vision inspection algorithms ensure that the product label is placed correctly on the device. 

Glass Inspection

Flange Integrity Inspection

Inspecting glass, such as vials or syrringes is not an easy task. CIM has delivered multiple systems, that checks the integrity of glass and looks for chips and cracks. This is today standard inspections in CIM SPECTS.

Compliance with cim tracks

Keep Track and Stay Compliant

For production companies, keeping track of the activities on assembly lines and packaging lines is key to staying compliant with international standards and regulations. This is especially true for the pharma industry, where the CFR 21-part 11 regulation sets high standards for electronic documentation and signatures. Failure to comply means failure to  operate, and that is devastating to business. So choosing the right audit trail system is more important than ever.

CIM TRACKS acts as a smart bridge between machine components at level 1 and the Enterprise System at level3 and allows you to monitor critical parameters and perform user management much more efficiently.

  • Audit Trail and User Management parameter logging
  • Critical Parameter Monitoring
  • Baseline Parameter Report
  • Digital Signing of Records
  • Interfaces for automatic import and export of data
  • User interface for configuration, view and export
  • GxP Data Tracking System


Don't take our word for it

“With CIM’s serialization and inspection software, we can offer our customers a globally compliant and fully CFR21 part 11-ready solution.”

Henrik Just

Project Manager Serialization
Stevanato Group

“We have more than 150 vision solutions globally, so we must be spot-on in what we do. Now, we have a thoroughly tested vision platform which just needs configuring.”

Jan Bigum

Lead Engineer
Grundfos Production IT

“Now our technicians can easily and quickly create inspection templates at production if needed. We are confident that by using these tools together with CIM’s knowledge, we can meet any future requirements and challenges.”

Jan Rheinholdt Mohrdieck

Technical Chief
SBS Friction A/S


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