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Track & Trace system with full ERP integration provides full control


Dantherm is a leading worldwide provider of air handling systems for heating, heat recovery, cooling, air-conditioning, drying, and ventilation. The company was experiencing quality problems in their production which resulted in expensive rework processes. To resolve this, they needed a system for data capture and production control which integrated fully with their ERP system and the test systems on the production lines.


CIM developed a Track & Trace system for Dantherm based on barcode marking and scanning. A barcode label is printed for each device part in a given order. This barcode follows the device throughout the entire process – from start-up until the device is placed in the warehouse and eventually shipped to the customer. The system includes:

  • Fully integrated IoT Track & Trace system
  • Barcode on all parts that go into production of the device
  • Tracking of which materials are assembled into a given device
  • Quality control measuring – through electrical testing of device

Full integration to ERP and ware housing system


As a result, Dantherm now has a fully automated value chain from material entry over production quality control to warehousing. Everything is connected with push control and pull result from/to the company’s ERP system. The result is complete control over the production process, increased product quality, and drastically reduced rework processes.


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