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Integrated production IT system ensures competitive advantage for DEIF


DEIF is a global supplier of green, safe, and reliable controls solutions for decentralized power production like marine/offshore and wind turbines. Delivering outstanding product quality is DEIF’s highest priority, as product servicing is often performed on-site under extremely difficult circumstances. DEIF wanted an integrated production IT system to support their business processes and ensure full documentation of product quality and full traceability for the products they deliver.


Together with CIM, DEIF has implemented the DEIF Production System (DPS) – a production IT system consisting of:

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) that ensures and documents production quality as well as facilitates optimizations in the production process
  • Paperless Repair (PLR) that ensures a fully documented product repair process with active reuse of the obtained product failure and repair experience
  • Full product traceability – for sales orders, sub-assemblies and sub-supplied components

Full integration with DEIF’s automated production test equipment and their ERP system to ensure full integrity of the production data and quality documentation


The investment in DPS has brought numerous benefits to DEIF and given the company extra competitive advantages and large paybacks. DEIF now has:

  • Well-documented product quality
  • Optimized production and repair processes
  • Automated production quality supervision
  • Improved product guarantee service costs

DEIF continues to work in close collaboration with CIM as their trusted technology partner for production IT.


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