Complete transparency. Better decisions. Less waste.

Providing simple solutions to the most complex challenges, we bring digitally ambitious manufacturers closer to zero. Zero downtime. Zero waste. Zero manual processes. Zero stress over compliance. Zero quality issues.

We move the world with data

We work in the digital space, but we’re here to make a difference in the real world.

Our customers are the kind of companies whose footprints are big and responsibilities even bigger.

When we help them manage resources, control production processes and deliver better products, we create impact on a bigger scale.

Click below to read about how our IoT solution helps Maersk reduce fuel consumption and thereby CO2 emissions.

Our ambition is to create real change

When you embark on a digital transformation, it often seems like you’re left with two options:

Plug and play software with simplistic promises of fixing just about everything with the magic of technology.

Or thorough analyses that embrace the complexity of your operation but rarely translate into action.


A holistic approach to digitalization

CIM is short for Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Those three letters sum up our legacy and everything we do.

Combining deep hardware and process knowledge with creative thinking and exceptional software competences, we see the big picture and connect the dots.


Anchoring change through software

We lead ambitious production companies through successful digital transformations with lasting, real-world impact through the software we deliver.

Based on our standardized, pre-validated software, we develop customized solutions that collect, organize and translate data into insights and automated workflows, increasing efficiency from the production floor to the executive suite.

Our domains

A team of highly specialized experts

Industrial IoT
Data collection, edge computing, data connectivity, storage, presentation, and decision support.
Machine Vision
Pre-validated, off-the-shelf vision technology powered by machine learning and deep learning.
Test & Measurement
Standardized, automated test systems for simple and complex devices, PCBA, final build, off-line and in-line testing.
Our customers

We partner with global industry leaders

Our customers come from a wide range of areas. But with decades of experience within these fields, we are the ideal partner for:

  • Pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturers who want to increase operational efficiency and product quality by automating workflows and data collection.
  • OEMs who want to future-proof their business by moving from machine supplier to optimization partner and offer a fully digitalized solution.

Part of something bigger

CIM joined XANO Industri A/B in 2021.

XANO makes long-term investments in unique companies with growth potential, and we're grateful to be backed by such a strong owner.

About XANO:

  • Listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • Global presence across Europe, Americas & Asia
  • 2022 revenue of MSEK 3,509 (app. MEUR 350)
  • 1450 employees
Our history

25 years of digitalizing manufacturing

  • 1998: CIM Industrial Systems A/S is founded by software engineers Niels Sørensen, Ole Thomsen and Allan Henneberg who have worked with data collection, test solutions and software solutions for years in Bang & Olufsen and Grundfos.
  • 2000: Per Clausen joins the group and founds CIM Electronics A/S.
  • 2011: CIM acquires the machine vision division from T&O Stelectric A/S. CIM Vision Lab opens in Aarhus.
  • 2012: Acquisition of Sequanto A/S, including its visual software testing tool, SeqZap.
  • 2017: Michel Seidelin joins as CEO and the two companies CIM Electronics and CIM Industrial Systems become CIM.AS.
  • 2020: Launch of CATCH.AI - an open IoT platform for production environments.

Do you want to know more?

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