CATCH.AI production data platform

Capture, store and access all production data in one application

Manufacturers use CATCH.AI to maximize productivity with decision support for all teams, based on real-time data from their machines.

CATCH.AI production data platform

World-leading manufacturers use the CATCH.AI data platform to

  • Predict and prevent stops.
  • Go beyond surface metrics like OEE that offer no real guidance on how to improve performance.
  • Know what is working and what is not when running in new production lines.
  • Ditch homemade databases and excel sheets and spend less time preparing and cleaning data.
  • Avoid the siloed insights that come from a fragmented data ecosystem.
  • Stop relying only on the gut feelings of operators and technicians for solving production issues.

Stay ahead of downtime with decision support

CATCH.AI helps manufacturers improve OEE by providing key roles with decision support based on live data from the production line.

Watch the video to see how technicians can use the production data platform to predict and address issues before they impact production.


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Advanced and human intelligence in one systemarrow

CATCH.AI continuously collects and correlates production data directly from machines and associated systems.

At the same time, it captures, verifies, and enhances the knowledge of experienced technicians and operators.

With more data and feedback from machine experts, the system gets smarter with time.

Real-time & historic data from any sourcearrow

CATCH.AI captures data from all OT/IOT/IT assets, including PLCs, vision systems and instruments.

Connects with any device/protocol via edge application.

Use real-time and historic data for charting, data on demand and quick troubleshooting – also remotely.

Multiple data types in one platformarrow

Data types include:

  • Product
  • Instrument/hardware
  • Process
  • Production
  • Surveillance (CCTV, images)
  • Environment
Big data in usable formatsarrow

With 5,000-10,000 data points/second, CATCH.AI handles much larger amounts of data than standard OEE systems.

This provides a more accurate representation of reality and enough data to create the foundation for AI and machine learning.

The data is automatically structured and correlated, so that it is understandable for humans and ready to use for any kind of analysis.

Video-enhanced root cause analysisarrow

Combine the CATCH.AI data platform with CCTV cameras (maybe you already have those installed) and take root cause analysis to a new level.

See what happened prior to an event, clarify the cause, and prevent it from occurring again by teaching the system what to look out for.

Dashboards & tools for any rolearrow

No sorting through irrelevant information. Users can access only what they need.

Tools include:

  • SPC
  • OEE
  • Telemetry
  • Events
  • Anomaly detection
  • Rules
  • Notifications
  • Integrations
  • Simulation
Retrofit on existing linesarrow

No impact on production or validated systems.

Hardware and sensor agnostic platform.

Cloud or on premise installation.

CATCH.AI production data platform benefits

  • Provides a clear understanding of root causes across the entire line or facility.
  • Creates a shared data-based reality across roles, teams, and sites.
  • Process, product, and quality data tracked for every single item.
  • Decision support for operators and technicians based on real-time data from the line.
  • Enables predictive maintenance, in-line quality control and instant batch release.
  • Leverages data to increase productivity and reduce waste.

“If you just want OEE data, CATCH.AI is way too complex. But if you’re looking for deeper insights into WHY the machine is not performing well and where to improve it, CATCH.AI is the right system.”

Director of Engineering, leading global manufacturer of medical devices for infusion care

CATCH.AI starter kit

Data-driven insights in a box – no IoT experience required

The first step towards data-driven insights is to collect data.

With preconfigured sensors, cameras and ready-to-run software, the CATCH.AI starter kit makes detailed process data available in a matter of minutes.

It's data collection in a box.

How to get started

Yes, data projects are complex and prone to failure, but 25 years of experience has taught us a thing or two about how to avoid the pitfalls.

We run all data projects based on the same tried and tested standard process.

Watch our CCO and data enthusiast Anders Meister explain our approach in the video.

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