Automated test solutions for any type of device test

With decades of experience within the field, we offer standardized automated test solutions for anything from simple to complex devices, PCBA, final build, off-line and in-line testing.

Standardized test solutions adapted to your specific needs

Flexible, reusable, and reliable components are at the core of any test system we build.

Combining industry standard software (LabVIEW and TestStand) with our own software products FlexStand, SeqZap and FACTS, we develop and commission hardware platforms from companies like National Instruments6TL and Keysight.

With these standardized puzzle pieces, we can put together an automated test solution that matches your exact requirements. Browse our products below.

What to expect from a CIM test project

A test solution from CIM doesn’t just focus on the test specification. We always begin by understanding your operational requirements.

We want to know your expectations to uptime, ease of maintenance, lifetime, etc. – all to ensure that you get a solution that supports your processes in the best possible way.

Should we develop your next test solution?