GN Audio

Higher test coverage in less time


GN Audio required a new production test platform for their Jabra consumer electronics product lines. It needed to scale to higher test coverage requirements which shortening development effort.

Consumer expectations have evolved over recent years to demand “premium” electronics that can be status symbols as well as functional devices. To be competitive, devices must meet significantly higher quality standards, have more functionality, and be available at an accessible price point.


GN moved from a in-house developed platform build up over +10 years to a strategy using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software when possible for standard tasks. Partnering with CIM experts and leveraging CIM tools meant that the GN team could focus writing and executing DUT-specific tests thereby adding the most value in the right place.

GN choose the CIM FLEXSTAND AUDIO test solution software, because it shortens development time, ensures analysis algorithm quality, and introduces new capabilities that improve test coverage. GN used the software for signal generation, analysis, result logging and measurement system calibration.

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Results compared to previous solution testing similar DUTs


  • Complexity—Met test coverage using existing resources despite 2.5X complexity increase
  • Quality—Maintained measurement repeatability and accuracy, cementing consumer confidence in GN Audio acoustic and electrical product performance
  • Life Cycle—Deployed successfully at six global manufacturing sites with minimal sustaining and maintenance requests returning to test development team
  • Development Schedule—Development of functional test for NPI reduced to two weeks using standardized platform architecture and rapid development tools such as NI TestStand and CATS from CIM.AS.
  • Manufacturing Volume—Met manufacturing volume requirements, ranging from tens of thousands to millions depending on the product line
  • Data—Gave R&D, validation, test, and operations functions access to production data from prototype to production, contributing to new product design quality


“In our partnership with CIM.AS, we found a group of engineers who specialize in production and acoustical testing and were willing spend the time to understand our business, our application, and our test coverage.”



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