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Looking for more than just a test system?

At CIM.AS we have developed test systems for more than two decades. From simple to complex devices, pcba or final build, from a wind turbine generator to a micro-electronics hearing aid, off-line or in-line test.

We will claim to have seen and tried most to solve the different tasks and challenges involved in testing a product.

Test is not a cost. It is a value to the business – Invest in Test!

Test Strategy

Today we approach a new test project by not only focusing on the test specification, but also equally important, focusing on understanding the customers operational requirements. I.e. what are the customers’ expectations to uptime, ease of maintenance, lifetime etc. This process is what we at CIM.AS call a Test Strategy.

Understanding the customer requirements in a Test Strategy enables us to estimate the Total Cost of Ownership or TCO.

Typically TCO is calculated this way

Test Strategy - Total Cost of Ownership - CIM.AS


A key factor to reducing the Test TCO in the test systems lifetime is Standardization.

Using Standardization minimizes cost in a test systems lifetime.

 Standardization in short means simplifying the architecture of the test system by using flexible, re-usable and reliable components.

Components can be categorized in

Test Hardware – from the fixture through mass interconnect and cabling to Instrumentation placed in a rack based platform.

Test Software – from instrument drivers to step types to product variant handling to test sequencer to operator interface.

Test Data Management – Securing all test data in a relation-based, search optimized database with a simple Web Interface for analyzing your production performance.

It is our experience that using Standardization when developing a test strategy, might increase the Upfront Development Test Cost of the test system itself, but decrease the Total Cost of Ownership through minimizing the Operational Test Cost in the test system lifetime.

Turnkey Test Solutions

Combining industry standard software National Instruments LabVIEW and TestStand, with our industry leading software products FlexStand, SeqZap and FACTS, we can develop and commission Automated Test Equipment based hardware platforms from companies like National Instruments, 6TL and Keysight, to meet your budget, technical, and requirement needs.

National Instruments

national instruments cim as

National Instruments (NI) is a technology pioneer and world leader in virtual instrumentation. CIM.AS has been collaborating with NI for many years on both customer projects and the technical details of NI’s product development. Besides being certified on either Architect or developer level in LabVIEW and NI TestStand, CIM.AS also has instructors on staff to meet your requirement for training and courses.

6TL Engineering

6TL logo

6TL Engineering is the founder of the FASTATE technology. Their approach to automated test offers scalable and flexible products for creating a turnkey test solution.

Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies is one of the world's leading Test & Measurement suppliers. With its legacy from HP and Agilent, Keysight delivers solutions in wireless communication, aerospace and defense and semiconductor markets.

CIM Audio Test System (CATS)

national instruments cim as

If you need an Audio test System the take a look at CATS – CIM Audio Test System. The system is used for testing and calibration of audio systems (Hi-Fi, Headsets, Hearing aid etc.)

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