Test Solutions

One of the areas CIM A/S works with is the development and production of special equipment for testing and measuring products, in the lab, development or production division of a company. The systems can test physical, mechanical and electrical conditions. This can be combined with contactless measuring and vision systems.

We build complete solutions, which can, for instance, consist of the following components:

  • PC based software
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical control, including PLC
  • Mechanics

CIM generally uses standard hardware products in its Testing and Measurement systems. Software is typically developed using LabVIEW and TestStand, where LabVIEW is used as the programming language, and TestStand is used for execution. This provides customers with great flexibility and independence. CIM has some of the best expertise in the use of LabVIEW and TestStand available in Europe.

Turnkey solutions, Expert Ressources and On-Site-Training

The equipment can be delivered as a standard turnkey-solution – in other words - finished and thoroughly tested upon delivery, in which case the customer only needs to “turn the key” to get started. CIM A/S can also provide support resources within the customer’s organisation. For example, CIM A/S can introduce and implement TestStand solutions in the customer’s organisation, and the customer can then take over responsibility and ongoing evelopment.

CIM A/S works across a wide variety of industries, with products ranging from microchips, to televisions and wind turbines.

Data collection, tesing and measurement systems from CIM are often integrated with a graphical intranet system, so that collected data can be quickly monitored and analysed. The system, which exchanges data using XML , makes it easy to obtain information on yields, numbers of items and SPC, and ensure product traceability.

National Instruments

National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner with Vision SpecialityCIM A/S has worked with testing and measurement since it was founded in 1998, and has been approved as an Alliance member through its collaboration with National Instruments. CIM A/S employs engineers who have been certified under the Developer and Architect program.


6TL Hardware

6TL logo

CIM Industrial Systems A/S is official 6TL partner and distributor in Denmark.

The Spanish supplier has chosen CIM Industrial Systems as their representation in Denmark due to a long cooperation on solutions to the Danish marked.

6TL’s mission is to supply innovative products to test system engineers worldwide, by combining modular technologies with focus on ease of integration, so they can save resources and time while developing and building their ATE's.


CIM Industrial Systems sells 6TL standard modules in Denmark, but can also act as an Integrator for turn key solutions.

Goepel - Boundary Scan

GOEPEL electronic, world-class vendor of JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions compliant with IEEE Std. 1149.x announces the extended incorporation of CIM Industrial Systems A/S into the global alliance program GATE™ (GOEPEL Associated Technical Experts).
CIM will focus in particular on application development and practical implementation of new JTAG/Boundary Scan based solutions as well as their integration into existing test systems.
“By partnering with CIM we purposefully integrated experienced and highly skilled technology vendors into our alliance platform”, says Frank Amm, GOEPEL electronic’s Corporate GATE Program Manager. “We see the cooperation between CIM and GOEPEL electronic as a key strategic alliance to provide Danish companies with an additional local application resource as well as support. The new GATE partnership gives us the opportunity to react more flexible to numerous customer requirements.”
CIM 6TL ATE TestRack Fiksture Small




More information

Download our Test Solution flyer with additional information: Test Solutions (.pdf, Danish)