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The OEE data you need to know how your line is performing at all times.
KNOW includes:
  • 1 seat
  • Shared cloud installation
  • 1 standard input module
  • Telemetry and OEE data
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Email notifications
  • Email support
  • Access to e-learning portal
€ 500 /month*


Real-time condition monitoring. Investigate root causes and prevent stops.
All in KNOW, plus:
  • Up to 3 seats
  • Local, own data center or public cloud
  • 2 standard input modules
  • CCTV footage and vision system data
  • Event analytics and decision support
  • Access to feature request program
  • Quarterly expert check-in
  • Online user training
€ 1250 /month*


Advanced analysis for in-depth process understanding and control.
All in LEARN, plus:
  • Unlimited seats
  • Private cloud installation
  • All standard input modules
  • Advanced analytics features: Data correlation, multi-limit and item report
  • Monthly expert check-in
  • On-site data workshops with data scientists
  • Phone support with express response time
€ 2500 /month*
*As all production lines are different, the CATCH.AI pricing on this page is indicative only. Prices reflect data collection from a full-size line (e.g. a filling, assembly, or packaging line). The final price will be adjusted according to your specific requirements.


  • Extended support: Support outside office hours can be added as part of an SLA.
  • Services: Additional services, such as setting up dashboards, are part of a separate SLA or invoiced based on time and materials.
  • Data collection starter kit: Sensors, camera and IPC with ready-to-run software.

If you are looking for data collection from other devices, e.g. plant instrumentation, contact us for a price.

Compare full list of features

Price € 500/month* € 1250/month* € 2500/month*
Installation type Shared cloud Local, customer data center or public cloud Local, customer data center or private cloud
Upgrade with migration** -
Connectivity and data
Input modules
Standard input modules 1 2 All
Custom input modules - - Add-on
CSV exports
Seats 1 3 Unlimited
User management
MS Active Directory integration -
Roles and rights -
Administrative access -
Audit trail -
Data and visualizations
Telemetry data
OEE data
Line overview
Customizable dashboards
Kiosk mode -
Images and video
Vision system data integration*** -
CCTV live footage -
CCTV historic video -
View and create events -
Event video drilldown -
Rule engine -
Rule simulator (historic data) -
Decision support -
Data correlation - -
Multi-limit - -
Item report - -
Device management
Device meta data -
Application monitoring
Health center -
Onboarding and support
Customer portal access
Support availability weekdays 8-16 CET Email & webform Email, webform + phone Email, webform + phone
Support availability weekdays 07-23 CET - - Add-on
Support availability weekends 8-16 CET - - Add-on
24/7 access - - Add-on
Response time Standard Standard Express
Continuous learning
E-learning platform
Knowledge base access
User group meetings 1/year 1/year 2/year
Feature request program
Expert check-in - Quarterly by support engineer Monthly by product owner
Yearly online training - 3 users 10 users
1-day on-site data workshop**** - - 2/year

* Indicative prices based on data collection from a full-size line (e.g. a filling, assembly, or packaging). The final price will be adjusted according to specific requirements.

** Migration of data from shared cloud to private cloud is not possible, as customer-specific data cannot be identified and extracted from the shared cloud. In case of upgrade, historic data is lost.

*** Uses one of the input modules in the plan.

**** Travel costs invoiced separately.

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