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Taking on new technology can be daunting. New ways of working, lots of things to learn and the nagging fear of choosing the wrong solution.

A one-month trial lets you assess the potential of our smart data platform CATCH.AI for your business.

No strings and no risk.


Measurable results in less than 1 month - guaranteed

We believe that CATCH.AI has the potential to elevate any business. In fact, we are so confident that we only offer trials on a “no cure, no pay” basis.

At the beginning of the trial, we define the project together and agree on the targets.

If the trial targets are not met, you won't see an invoice.

CATCH.AI trial

Become data-driven in 6 simple steps

Are we a good match?
We start out by zooming in on your needs and ambitions. Together we assess the potential use cases and technology fit and ultimately make a joint go/no go decision.
What will we work on?
We provide guidance on selecting the best use case for your trial, define success criteria and baseline together, identify stakeholders and plan the remaining process.
Getting started
First, we identify what data is needed and how to acquire it. Then we set up the system in just a couple of hours – without impacting production – and teach you how to use it.
Data workshops (1-3)
Our experts assist with data mining and analysis, set up customized dashboards and provide guidance on root cause analysis and how to set up automations.
Between workshops
Continuous data collection. You monitor the system via the customized dashboards and start acting on facts, not on assumptions.
Evaluation of the trial to collect your feedback and see if targets were met. If you wish to continue with CATCH.AI, we offer our recommendations for next steps.

Get started with an expert by your side

We manage the entire process and supply a simple trial setup with hardware and ethernet connection to your machine network.

The system is set up in a matter of hours and from then on, it’s all about crunching data and identifying where and how to optimize.