Telemetric data in 2021


Why you have to collect telemetric data in 2021 – and how you can use the insights for operation and predictive maintenance 

Telemetric data tells you more than your KPIs

If you are in charge of a big manufacturing set-up, a pharma production, or a transportation operation, you probably use KPIs to determine how efficient your business is. But KPIs are just the tip of the iceberg if you are looking for true OEE insight. By using telemetric data, you get access to a much more detailed picture of how your production is running. In fact, collecting telemetric data is the first of three steps to creating intelligent manufacturing:

  • Step 1 is a full digitalization of the machine in question including access to live and stored data
  • Step 2 is the ability to analyze the collected data in an intelligent way using events
  • Step 3 is when we teach the machine what we have learned to enable predictive maintenance and machine learning. 

How telemetric data collection works

The right Industrial IoT software collects data from your production set-up and analyzes it – and then it tells you where to optimize. That means:

    • You go from looking at predefined KPIs to working with real production and process intelligence
    • You go from using historic and outdated data to working with real-time data including alarms, warnings, messages and more 
    • You go from having a closed system for all your individual assets to working with an open and flexible system where you control the data streams from all your assets 


Optimize and enable machine learning

When you implement the right IoT software, you start optimizing your production immediately. And once the software has run for a while, the next step is for the machines in your set-up to start learning how to optimize themselves. So instead of just using predetermined KPI’s to evaluate the performance of your operation, you get answers to questions that you didn’t know you needed to ask.


CATCH AI from CIM is industrial IoT software designed to increase your OEE by optimizing your equipment efficiency and enabling predictive maintenance and machine learning. Our product: 

  • Covers all parts of the data flow
  • Integrates with any existing components or systems
  • Has a user-friendly and customized dashboard

Do you want to know more?

If you want to know how CATCH.AI can help your business perform even better, please get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more. You can also get a free demo of the CATCH.AI dashboard – simply click here.

The company behind CATCH.AI

CIM makes end-to-end software solutions that enable our customers to make business-critical decisions based on solid data. We create the necessary connections between data acquisition, data analyses, and data presentation so our customers can efficiently and consistently create products of superior quality – and make decisions based on true insights.