Reap the fruits of your hidden data

CATCH.AI is industrial IoT software that collects data from your production set-up and optimizes in places you didn’t even know existed. Enable machine learning and get the most out of your production.


Who can benefit from CATCH.AI?

Anyone in charge of a complex industrial set-up where several machines or components need to work together can benefit from CATCH.AI. It could be:

  • A big manufacturing set-up
  • A pharma production
  • A fleet of tank ships
  • A transportation operation

Discover new ways to optimize

CATCH.AI analyses the data streams in your operation and reveals new ways for you to optimize. Instead of just using predetermined KPI’s to evaluate the performance of your operation, CATCH.AI gives you answers to questions that you didn’t know you should ask.

  • Optimizes your equipment efficiency
  • Enables predictive maintenance and machine learning
  • Covers all parts of the data flow
  • Integrates with any existing components or systems
  • User-friendly and customized dashboard

Get a sneak peek!

CATCH.AI comes with a fully customizable dashboard that allows you to see just the data that is relevant for you.

Medical Device Manufacturer

One of CIM’s manufacturing customers has decided to dig deeper than their KPI’s and understand their data better.

Their goal is to increase the OEE  by implementing CATCH.AI on one of their machines following three steps:

  1. Full digitalization of the machine with live and stored data.
  2. Easy access to data for analytics and machine interrogation.
  3. Enable Machine Learning.


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