MADE FAST project success: Efficient data collection from packaging and assembly lines


While everyone is chasing data-driven decision making, Danish healthcare company Novo Nordisk could be closer to that target than most according to MADE – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark who has released a success story from an industrial research project focused on developing and testing a solution for data collection from assembly lines. You can read the full story in Danish on their website here.

Predicting quality

The ambition of the project is to ease and improve quality assurance in assembly of insulin pens through efficient data collection from assembly lines. Using data-driven insights to predict quality issues will enable Novo Nordisk to make informed decisions and act fast.

CIM’s contribution to the project is our CATCH.AI platform that centralizes all process data and triggers the machine learning algorithm.

Towards Pharma 4.0

“The success of this project so far is a testament to the potential of applying Industry 4.0 capabilities and experiences in the pharma industry. And it’s a good match for us since our whole purpose centers on using data intelligently to help manufacturing companies across various industries deliver products of superior quality in the most efficient way. This project is about just that” says Michel Seidelin, CEO of CIM.

The project is a collaboration between Alexandra Instituttet, DTU Mekanik, FORCE Technology, Novo Nordisk, Teknologisk Institut, Aarhus University and CIM, anchored in the MADE FAST innovation platform that brings together research and technology organizations and industry players to develop digital solutions that drive flexibility, agility and sustainability in advanced manufacturing.