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CIM is a Danish, leading expert in Test Solutions, Production IT, Machine Vision, and Data Logging. Our slogan is "Connecting technologies" which is the condensed description of the solutions and services we provide to our long-term business partners in e.g. the pharmaceutical, energy, utilities, and communication industries. We have been automating test and production lines as well as visualizing KPIs since 1998.

Test and Software Consultancy

Test and Software Consultancy - CIM.AS

You can rely on our consultants to use their expertise to solve your most difficult technical challenges by connecting your technologies. We are the only Scandinavian National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner with Machine Vision Specialty and we are an authorized Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development. This is your guarantee for test and software consultants of the highest quality. 




Local Presence – Global Reach

With offices located near Aarhus, near Copenhagen, in Nordborg, and in Struer, our consultants cover your business demands in all of Denmark. If you are a multinational corporation with worldwide facilities, equipment, or products, you can count on CIM.AS to connect your technologies, making you able to manage and control the key aspects of your business from any location in the World. We consult as long-term business partners for international companies.


CIM.AS – The Company

CIM.AS consists of three companies that operate from shared offices with the same management and sales departments, resulting in a unique constellation of experts in all fields relevant to a modern company with complex test, repair, and production flows. Do not get confused by our multiple legal names. You only need to know us as CIM.

CIM Industrial Systems A/S

CIM Industrial Systems A/S is a team of experts in the National Instruments product range, i.e. LabVIEW and TestStand. We are the largest group of National Instruments certified professionals in Denmark. Our consultants spend their time on-premise with our long-term business partners to deliver turnkey test solutions or in our office developing, maintaining and supporting our standalone products FlexStand and GoLog.

CIM Electronics A/S

CIM Electronics A/S are experts in enabling you to collect, aggregate, manage and control your data. As a Danish Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development, you cant trust our team of software consultants and project managers to solve your complex demands, using state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies like the .NET platforms, Azure, and SQL Server. We have even used our more than 20 years of experience in test data management to develop our standalone product CIM FACTS, CIM TRACKS, and CIM Serialization System.

CIM Software Testing A/S

CIM Software Testing A/S is focused around our product SeqZap which is a visual software tool for automating software tests, i.e. testing embedded firmware, desktop applications, or web apps. SeqZap is trusted by Danish industrial giants like Grundfos and Danfoss.

CIM Gruppen A/S (The CIM Group)

CIM.AS is a part of CIM Gruppen A/S (The CIM Group), which aims to create innovative hardware and software solutions targeting the private and public sectors. CIM Gruppen consists of a number of highly specialized companies that complement each other with know-how or management, depending on needs. This allows the individual companies focus on their core competencies and create the best solutions more efficiently.

CIM.AS – The Name

The name CIM.AS consists of two parts. CIM which is short for Computer-Integrated Manufacturing – the original term for automated manufacturing used especially in the 1980s and 1990s. AS is short for Aktieselskab – the Danish term for Ltd. (limited company). In full, CIM.AS refers to the three CIM companies mentioned in the section CIM.AS – the company as one single business entity facing our customers. At the same time, the name refers to the domain of our website, www.cim.as.

Business strategy - CIM.AS

Common Understanding and Support

At CIM.AS, we firmly believe it is important to have common understanding and wide employee support of our business direction as well as the values we are commited to comply with, while doing business. Therefore, we have closely involved our employess in defining and expressing our vision and mission statement as well as our core values.

Our Vision

We want to become on of the best engineering companies in software and integration of hardware in Northern Europe.

Our Mission

We create results for our customers in Denmark and abroad through long-term collaboration using know-how within software and hardware.

Our Values

To us, values are far more than just words. In our daily work, we are fully commited to our values when doing business and interacting with all of our stakeholders. Our values express the three basic elements that cannot be compromised in anything we do, under any circumstances.

  • Credibility
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism

Industry-Leading Tech Partners

Danish Atlassian Experts - CIM.AS  Danish National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner - CIM.AS  Danish Microsoft Gold Partner - CIM.AS

CIM.AS have industry-leading tech partners. We are certified as National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. We have teamed up with 6TL Engineering as official 6TL partner and distributor in Denmark, and we are GATE alliance partners (GOEPEL Associated Technical Experts). These trustworthy business partnerships are your guarantee for best in class test and software solutions.

ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) - CIM.AS  MADE (Manufacturing Academy of Denmark) - CIM.AS

OPC Foundation Member - CIM.AS  SESAM-World - CIM.AS

Supporting the Automation Industry

We are commited to support the automation industry by being an active member of these organizations:

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