CATCH.AI production data platform

Industrial IoT for intelligent manufacturing

Manufacturers use CATCH.AI to maximize productivity with decision support for all teams, based on real-time data from their machines.

Capture, store and access all production data in one application

  • Go beyond surface metrics like OEE that offer no real guidance on how to improve performance.
  • Know what is working and what is not when running in new production lines.
  • Ditch homemade databases and excel sheets and spend less time preparing and cleaning data.
  • Avoid the siloed insights that come from a fragmented data ecosystem.
  • Stop relying only on the gut feelings of operators and technicians for solving production issues.

Stay ahead of downtime with decision support

CATCH.AI helps manufacturers improve OEE by providing key roles with decision support based on live data from the production line.

Watch the video to see how technicians can use data to predict and address issues before they impact production.