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  • Assisted line clearance
  • Automated GxP data handling

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Intelligent production is more than AI

Anders Meister, CCO

12 June 15.00-15.30

Frequenz 1, Portalhaus

Session: AI-assisted operation support

Towards the batch report of one: Unit-level traceability across machines and batches

Tod Urquhart, Pharma Industry Advisor

13 June 11.00-11.30

Facette, 3. Via

Session: Tracing, tracking, and packaging in biopharmaceutical production

Learn more about the solutions on display at booth E97a, hall 3.1

Vision inspectionarrow

SPECTS is much more than an inspection system. It is a comprehensive black box solution that digitizes document handling and the GxP data flow around inspections.

The solution includes a vision inspection system, tools to support CFR 21 Part 11 compliance, audit trail including export to Level 2 and 3 systems for documentation purposes, and a data platform for further analysis of inspection results and the performance of the production line.

The SPECTS solution encompasses all aspects of inspection management, from handling recipes to deploying parameters and generating batch reports.

Data platform for condition-based maintenance and process controlarrow

Our CATCH.AI data platform lets manufacturers capture, store and access all production data in one application regardless of who supplied the machines.

The platform enables condition-based maintenance by providing key roles with decision support based on live data from the production line.


Data collection starter kitarrow

With the new CATCH.AI starter kit anyone can get started with data collection in minutes. The kit is an all-in-one solution with hardware and software for data collection from production lines.

It lets manufacturing companies experience the value of data-based insights and decision support - without IT hassles and a long-term investment.

See the kit in action on our demo machine during ACHEMA.

Assisted line clearancearrow

Our system for assisted line clearance supports operators in their work and help shorten batch changeover time while ensuring a high level of accuracy.

Reduce risk by not relying on the human eye and meet auditors’ demands at any time with comprehensive documentation that details exactly what has happened, which actions were taken and by whom.

The system builds on our fully validated GAMP 4 cat. 4 vision system SPECTS.

Automated GxP data handlingarrow

TRACKS is a software system for automatic handling of critical data. It collects Good Manufacturing Practice (GxP) data from components, machines, production lines or entire facilities and centralizes it in one system. TRACKS also enables the export of data to level 3 and 4 systems.

The system lets manufacturers within heavily regulated industries keep track of who does what on which machine or component and makes this information easily available for audits and analysis.

Key features:

  • User Management
  • Audit Trail (events, parameter changes, alarms)
  • (Critical) Parameter Tracking
  • Parameter baseline snapshot and comparison
  • Search and filter parameter/audit data
  • Interfaces for automatic import and export of data
  • Support for RFID authentication
  • Multitenancy
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Item storage
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