CIM makes end-to-end software solutions that enable our customers to make business-critical decisions based on solid data.

We help our customers create the necessary connections between data acquisition, data analyses, and data presentation so they can efficiently and consistently create products of superior quality – and make decisions based on true insights.


Don't take our word for it

“We have more than 150 vision solutions globally, so we must be spot-on in what we do. Now, we have a thoroughly tested vision platform which just needs configuring.”

Jan Bigum

Lead Engineer
Grundfos Production IT

“With CIM’s serialization and inspection software, we can offer our customers a globally compliant and fully CFR21 part 11-ready solution.”

Henrik Just

Project Manager Serialization
Stevanato Group

“We cut the test time of our cabinets from five days to one day, making it feasible to increase production capacity. Now we can automatically test all of the functions of our products, which gives us a clear competitive advantage in the market.”

Michael Bove

KK Wind Solutions

“CIM offered a highly standardized solution instead of developing their own hardware and software in-house. This means that, over time, the cost decreases.”

Christhian Cardona

Senior Test Engineer

“CIM is highly competent at integrating level three software with the reality of how the line is controlled – and this is no trivial piece of work to execute.”

Andy Cumming

Consultant in Manufacture Change

“Now our technicians can easily and quickly create inspection templates at production if needed. We are confident that by using these tools together with CIM’s knowledge, we can meet any future requirements and challenges.”

Jan Rheinholdt Mohrdieck

Technical Chief
SBS Friction A/S

“Fundamentally, the FACTS system gives us an easy way of getting a quick overview of yield & process data. The use of scheduled reports, which are automatically send out on a daily basis, becomes very useful.”

Christian Wolf

Global Test Manager
GN Audio


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Anders Meister
Chief Sales Officer