Traceability, Tracking, and Flow Control

Do you wish to maximize your assembly line quality and have full traceability and tracking on your products and sales orders? CIM TRACKS in traceability and flow control integrate perfectly into your existing equipment, systems and business processes. The solutions are built for the surrounding environment - you only need to focus on optimizing your processes.

Keep track of your products

By scanning unique bar codes or RFIDs to identify selected parts in your product assembly lines, you can keep accurate records of how your products are built and which unique parts they are assembled from. Identification of parts can be done at all detail levels including component batch identification. You decide which level of detail matches your business needs and production processes.

Make sure the process flow is correct

Normally, parts for assembly need to go through their process steps in a particular order (soldering before testing etc.) With flow control integrated in your solution, the system makes sure that identified parts comply with their defined process flow. This significantly reduces the possibility to use parts in the product assembly, that have not yet completed all process steps - including a passed test.

Adapts to your systems and user requirements

CIM TRACKS interface to your existing business management system (ERP system). All user interfaces for assembly line operators are custom made to fully meet the requirements from the people and equipment involved. To put it short: Your business needs define the system - not the other way around.

Your benefits from CIM TRACKS

When your production IT includes CIM TRACKS, your benefits include:

  • Full traceability in your products and sales orders
  • Visibility of service and repair needs in case of faulty parts
  • Improved quality control through the use of flow control
  • Documented quality through consolidated test reports



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Customer cases:
DEIF Production System