Paperless Repair (PLR)

What if you could collect and store all your product repair knowhow and statistics into one easy-to-use IT system? CIM Paperless Repair solutions store and maintain the valuable information and experience obtained by the employees searching for product errors and doing the repairs.

Replacing paperwork and never forgets the details

When using CIM Paperless Repair (PLR) in your repair process, you no longer have to fill out and store manual problem- or repair reports to secure all the details. CIM PLR makes sure all repair information is securely kept, and it uses the information to propose repairs when known problems re-occur. This way you make sure to re-use your repair knowledge and optimize your repair process.

Important statistics instantly available

While keeping track of all repairs, CIM Paperless Repair collects repair statistics for all handled products. By the click of a button, you easily get an overview of the most frequent product repairs, and consequently which production steps need further attention.

Easy installation and integration 

CIM Paperless Repair is a Microsoft Windows PC application and it integrates perfectly with CIM FACTS. With a running CIM FACTS solution, error reports are automatically created in CIM Paperless Repair in case a failed test is imported from the test data. With CIM FACTS available, specific product test data can be easily accessed directly from within CIM Paperless Repair.

Your benefits from CIM Paperless Repair

By installing CIM Paperless Repair as an integrated part of your repair process, you will benefit from:

  • Elimination of manual repair paperwork
  • Automatically re-use valuable repair knowhow and experience
  • Immidiate repair statistics for production optimization
  • Automatic problem report creation (with CIM FACTS)
  • Direct access to specific test measurements (with CIM FACTS)