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CIM A/S offers everything you need to control, handle and document the quality of your production, using IT tools and actual production test results. Our production IT solutions are always adapted to accommodate and integrate your existing equipment, systems and business processes.


Statistical Process Control (SPC)

By collecting and statistically analysing production test results, CIM FACTS provides you with valuable insigths in your production quality. CIM FACTS offers you the possibility to overview vital production parameters like yield and quality uniformity. Everything is presented through a web-style user interface and alarm e-mails are automatically triggered in case of irregularities in the production test results.

Paperless Repair

Our Paperless Repair solution provides you the ability to electronically store repair reports for failed production items. The stored information enables the system to provide qualifyed suggestions to root causes and required repairs, when other production items fail in test. Paperless Repair will save valuable time when doing repairs and also provide easy access to important repair statistics.

Traceability, Tracking, and Flow Control

CIM TRACKS enables you to easily keep close track of your products. Components and items used in production are marked with unique serial numbers, and all serial numbers are scanned and stored when products are assembled. Flow control ensures, that components and items used in the production go through all defined process steps in the right order. The detail level of traceability and flow control is entirely defined by our customers and their needs.


Serialization of pharmaceutical products is being implemented to avoid counterfeiting and to ensure patients safety. All pharmaceutical products must be tracked through the entire supply chain starting at the production line ending at the pharmacies. CIM Serialization System is a CFR21 Part 11 compliant solution in line with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and other international requirements.







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