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From simple label inspection with Character recognition and verification using Smart Cameras, to 3D qualification to advanced multispectral biologic and organic inspections requiring PC based processing power.

From consultancy and concept discussion through pre-study to custom turn-key solution integration, CIM.AS brings the power of our highly competent vision resources to match your unique machine imaging system needs.

What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is the automated extraction of useful information from digital images in an industrial environment. Typically the first step in any machine vision application, whether the simplest assembly verification or a complex 3D robotic bin-picking, is for pattern matching technology to find the object or feature of interest within the camera’s field of view. Locating the object of interest often determines success or failure.

Examples of Machine Vision Applications

With over 20 years of experience in Vision applications, CIM has seen it all.

Our vision experience comes from more than two hundred vision applications developed over the years in many different industries, from agricultural to industrial and with different machine integration partners. In other words, we are capable of selecting the right system components for you. Each system designed using a modular approach, providing flexibility for the end user. This result in a robust system easy to install, maintain and expand.

Efficiently, accurate and cost-effective.

We see the Light

Asking our Vision Specialists about lighting, they will say “75% or higher of a successful vision application is depending on exactly that” – Choosing the correct light source, optical components and camera technology. Cameras do not see the object – they see the light reflected/absorbed by the object.

Potential Project?

Contact us or send us a sample or images of your product and we will cost estimate a potential project in our Vision Lab. (And we will also tell you, if the project is not fit for a vision solution.)

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