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Modern data logging is one of the core components of IoT (the Internet of Things). Because of that, it is widely used in a wide range of industries like production in general as well as the environmental, automotive, utilities, logistics, communication, health, energy, agriculture, physics, science, and electronics industries.

During the manufacturing, testing, and field processes, you want to or are required by law to test and measure temperature, pressure, waveforms, voltage, pulses, current, counts, timers, volume, GPS coordinates, and other key parameters of your products or infrastructure.

Data Loggers and DAQ (Data Acquisition)

Data loggers measure and record (log) environmental parameters through sensors that convert them to analog or digital signals and usually acquire and log the data as digital data points. Different types of data loggers are available.

Wireless Data Loggers

Wireless data loggers are connected to a computer through Wi-Fi or mesh networking. They are great for measuring in environments where cabling would be too expensive or inconvenient.

Multichannel Data Loggers

Multichannel data loggers have wired or wireless connections to computers, and allows you to measure, acquire and display multiple channels of data.

Portable Data Loggers

Portable data loggers like GoLog are low-cost, small, rugged and easy to configure, enabling them to be left in environments that are not easily or often accessible such as offshore wind turbines, tankers or freighters. The portable data logger is then picked up at a later time to collect the data points.

Modular Data Logging Systems

Modular data logging systems can be stand-alone or connected to a computer. They allow you to customize the number and types of sensors to match the environment you need to test and measure.

Synchronized Data Logging Systems

Synchronized data logging systems are distributed systems where multiple channels and data stations are synchronized, i.e. ordered in time. This is crucial to achieve an event timeline that you can rely on with confidence.

Data Logging Software

Modern data loggers are connected to a computer which allows you to use data logging software to record and visualize the data that you acquired. This allows you to inspect and monitor your business processes, be it your production, test or field environments. NI’s LabVIEW data logging software products are great for these tasks. As the largest group of certified LabVIEW professionals in Denmark, you can trust that CIM.AS has you covered when you need to simplify and automate your test and production lines. We have a large portfolio of reusable LabVIEW modules that can save you a lot of development time.

National Instruments Hardware and Software

National Instruments - CIM.AS

CIM.AS is an authorized NI Gold Alliance Partner

NI (National Instruments) is a world-renowned manufacturer of data logging hardware and software for analyzing, visualizing and reporting logged data points. As one of the leading National Instruments Gold Alliance Partners in Northern Europe, CIM.AS can supply you with turnkey data logging and DAQ solutions with preconfigured NI hardware and a software suite that is customized to your business' needs.

Turnkey Data Logging Solutions - CIM.AS

Turnkey Data Logging Solutions

With advanced data logging software, a solution that fits any environment can be carefully crafted by our experts. A lot of our day to day consultancy involves NI-based hardware and software. In fact, we have perfected the process by developing a common data logging framework that our turnkey data logging solutions sit on top off.

Our turnkey data logging solutions allow you to acquire, monitor and manage real-time data from multiple locations with distributed measurements, whether the signals are analog or digital. You can use them on wired or wireless networks.

We use NI’s hardware like the modular CompactRIO platform and combine it with our unique data logging framework which has been hardened over time by projects in a wide range of industries. It was originally developed for wind turbines, but has since then been used in e.g. electronics manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry.

We even have a track record of synchronizing 10,000 samples each second across more than 100 channels on multiple data stations to help CERN maintain a high uptime on the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

Turnkey Data Analytics - CIM.AS

Turnkey Data Analytics With Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development - CIM.AS

CIM.AS is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development

Chances are that you have or want data records about your production, tests, energy consumption, communication, or other key business parameters. No matter whether you have already structured your business data or you need a custom data logging solution, CIM.AS can help you with data analytics. Several on-going projects with our long-term business partners are turnkey data analytics based on .NET technologies.

Our experts have helped large enterprises utilize their big business data by developing an Internet of Things that can log endpoint data and record it in a high-performance on-premise Microsoft SQL Server or a cloud-based Azure SQL Database. Typically, these data logging solutions are accompanied by a modern web app based on ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Core that runs on Microsoft IIS or Azure App Service.

By combining a data logging solution with an enterprise-grade SQL Server or Azure Database as well as a web app, your data scientists or other business users will be able to get their hands on the reports they need without going through an elaborate manual process that involves acquiring and combining data from several sources. An interactive web app also has the advantage that one report can link to relevant master data or another type of report. These deep links create comfortable user flows and often spark new ideas that can be realised using your data analytics solution.



Maybe you would prefer to analyze your logged data in an interactive web app where you can easily glance at your most recent production data or take a deep dive into the data by filtering through items on multiple channels and test steps. How about comparing production yield indicators for the daytime and nighttime shifts or across continents?

CIM.AS has evolved FACTS through more than 20 years of developing CIM systems and SPC software. FACTS is a turnkey data analytics solution that features a web app with a wide range of analyses and reports based on an optimized, high-performance Microsoft SQL Server database that imports data directly from LabVIEW or other sources and stores it in a structured and highly efficient manner.

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