CIM.AS has been developing turnkey test and software solutions since 1998. Our experts consultants have expertise in a broad range of business areas and industries. We have divided the solutions we supply to companies like yours into four business areas:

Our slogan is "Connecting Technologies" as we have provided Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solutions since our foundation.

Test Solutions

Test Solutions - CIM.AS

If your business manufactures products, chances are that you want to or are required by law to test and validate samples or the entire population of your production line. To streamline your test process, you need a standardized test strategy to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership. When planning your standardized test strategy, you need to take into account:

  • Test hardware
  • Test software
  • Test data management

CIM.AS combines National Instruments data loggers, LabVIEW, TestStand, and custom fitted test fixtures with our products FACTS, FlexStand, GoLog, and SeqZap to deliver state-of-the-art, turnkey Test Solutions.

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Production IT

Production IT - CIM.AS

With Production IT solutions, you can automate, control and monitor your production line, test and repair stations based on actual results. You can make decisions based on current and previous results, using the principles of SPC (Statistical Process Control) with our production and test data management tool, FACTS.

With CIM.AS' repair tool, Paperless Repair, you can get rid of the paper trails in repair stations and instead improve the repair process with suggestions for causes and their relevant repairs. Other interesting solutions include traceability and flow control as well as serialization of pharmaceutical products.

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Machine Vision

Machine Vision - CIM.AS

With the recent technology jumps that have also popularized the terms and concepts of Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0, Machine Vision solutions has increasingly become a popular tactic for automated visual inspection, robot guidance and process control.

CIM.AS' Machine Vision experts can pretest lenses, lighting and other key hardware components in our Vision Lab to ensure the optimal conditions for your test and production lines before committing to final investment. Our Machine Vision solutions are based on the Smart Vision System.

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Data Logging

Data Logging - CIM.AS

Turnkey Data Logging solutions can help your company utilize the large volume of data that your test and production lines generate every day. CIM.AS is one of the leading National Instruments Gold Alliance Partners in Northern Europe. Each year, we help our long-term business partners develop, support and maintain complex business processes. We are your one-stop shop for data loggers, data logging software, and data analytics web apps based on NI and Microsoft products.

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