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In everything we do, we are determined in finding the best solution to inter-connect the technologies, products and business processes involved. This way, we do what is possible to integrate systems and products as much as they can. We mostly use standardized well-proven technology in our solutions, but we also take the steps necessary to optimize for those special cases.

Connecting Product, People and Processes

Technical IT 

Our technical IT solutions are on both Azure Cloud, PC, mobile and embedded platforms, and they always involve interfacing to hardware or communication to external devices or data sources. In some of our solutions, we have been among the pioneers to take full advantage of the worldwide communication capabilities offered by GSM/GPRS for global monitoring purposes. For our customers, we are the business partner with the wider technological view, allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies.

Production IT

Our production IT solutions are often tailor made solutions, integrating our customers' existing production equipment, IT systems and business processes. They are made in close collaboration with our customers to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle match perfectly.

Our Production IT solutions include:

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) - CIM FACTS
  • Paperless Repair Systems
  • Traceability Systems - CIM TRACKS
  • Flow Control Systems 


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