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Certifications and collaboration

CIM.AS has worked with National Instruments since we were founded in 1998, and have been approved as a Gold Alliance Partner through our collaboration with National Instruments.

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In 2013 CIM.AS were very honored to be awarded the title
"Alliance partner of the Year"
in the Northern European region.






CIM.AS employs engineers who have been certified under the Developer and Architect program and with its latest certifications CIM.AS has once more cemented its position as one of Europe's leading LabVIEW and TestStand development houses.

Architect certification is National Instruments' highest level of certification. Besides these high certifications, CIM.AS has a great deal of underlying certifications, guaranteeing qualified consultant work and solutions from CIM.AS.


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NI Engineering Impact Awards

"The NI Engineering Impact Awards is a technical application contest, showcasing the most innovative projects based on NI software and hardware."

NI Engineering Impact Awards, formerly known as Graphical System Design Achievement Awards (GSDAA), has been awarded to CIM more than once:

  • 2013: Winner "Energy"
    Improving the efficiency of wind turbines with an intelligent measurement and control system. Read case story

  • 2012: Presenting the Community Award
    CIM is awarded the honor of presenting the community choice Award of Graphical System Design.
    The award is presented by Morten Pedersen from CIM the formal dinner for the press and the shareholders in National Instruments.

  • 2011: Winner "Green Engineering"
    Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW to verify the design and test the durability of a wind turbine drive train. Read case story

  • 2011: Finalist "Validation Test"
    Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW to verify the design and test the durability of a wind turbine drive train. Read case story

  • 2010: Finalist "Test and Measurement"
    Reducing test time and increasing quality in final control system tests for wind turbines. Read case story

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