Remote monitoring and control (M2M)

Do your electronic devices need to be distantly monitored and controlled? Do you need a solution and technology partner who was among the pioneers, and who has experienced most of the challenges? CIM has been deeply involved in several large-scale M2M solutions since the evolution in techology made it possible around the year 2000 - and we are ready to the next evolutionary step: Internet of Things, or just IOT in short.

M2M in a nutshell

Basically, M2M is all about transferring information from one place to another and make the information available to other systems and users. Typically, the information is stored on a central server, allowing users to access the data and interact with the electronic devices through the server. Well designed solutions are very scalable, allowing anything from only a few to millions of monitored devices. In M2M, communication takes place using internet, celluar and satellite technologies.

We deliver the know-how and experience

With years of hands-on exprience in M2M, CIM is your perfect partner for future M2M solution for your products. Based on our previous experiences in M2M and data aquisition, we take the lead and advise our customers in designing and implementing customized M2M solutions in any scale, using today's technologies. This way, we continuously help large Danish and international companies to their M2M solutions for their high-volume products.

Your benefits in your M2M solutions

Partnering up with one of the Danish pioneers in M2M solutions gives you several advantages:

  • Kick-start your project and avoid the dead ends
  • Make the right decisions for your project based on years of real hands-on experience
  • Make sure your electronic device is properly designed for your M2M solution


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