Atlassian Experts

Atlassian is an Australian enterprise software company that has developed a suite of collaboration and project management tools over the more than a decade. It is best known for its issue tracking application, JIRA, and its team collaboration product, Confluence, which already have been widely adopted by lots of software development teams and now also have become increasingly popular in other areas such as in general management, sales and support teams.

This success is due to the Atlassian products are highly configurable and thus can be set up to accommodate virtually any work flow you may need support for, however if you need support for really complex work flows or need advanced customizations of an Atlassian tool then you may want to seek professional help from an Atlassian Expert such as CIM.

Our background

Since 1998, we have developed software for controlling assembly line production work flows, automated test and visual inspection as well as data acquisition from these processes. Through this work we have gained a solid expertise in analysis and optimization of existing manual and automated work flows - an expertise that serves us well e.g. when it comes to configuration of JIRA work flows.

How may we help you

CIM can assist you with getting started using the Atlassian products in your company and customize them to accommodate your requirements. We undertake any task from installation, configuration, maintenance, upgrading existing installations as well as developing plugins (i.e. enhancements) to provide any special functionality, which you may need, that is not provided by the standard product.

What can we do

For example, you might need modifications of the user interface, the interactive functions and even synchronization with external systems / data sources if you want to use JIRA e.g. for keeping track of your sales and/or production process. Imagine that you create an issue when you receive an order from a customer, wouldn't it then be nice if the information about the products just ordered were automatically transferred to you existing production system or your warehouse, thus allowing for the production or the packaging of the ordered goods to commence seamlessly?

Wouldn't it just be awesome if the relevant JIRA issue was automatically kept up to date with the information about how far the production process of the ordered products is and eventually have the issue updated with tracking information once the ordered goods have been shipped to the customer?




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Bitbucket (previously known as Stash)




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