In-sourcing or out-sourcing - your choice

Does your company have development projects you wish to execute within your own organization? Perhaps you do not have the necessary technical competences or experience from similar projects? Perhaps you need extra manpower to finish the project on time? CIM A/S' experience from more than 15 years of diverse development projects enables us to offer our expertise as first class in-sourced consultants and facilitators for your software development project.

In our role as consultants and facilitators, we can participate in your company's development project as an integrated part of your organization. Alternatively you can choose to let us take full responsibility of your entire software project, or parts of it - including project management and reporting.

A few of our expertises

If your company's project contains some of the following disciplines, we can definitely help you securing the right progress in your project. If you feel something is missing, please contact us - we very likely have already tried something similar.

• Graphical user interface • Communication and protocols
• Software test and simulators        • Software testability
• Cellular communication • Monitoring and control

LabVIEW and TestStand

CIM can also provide support resources within the customer’s organisation. For example, CIM can introduce and implement TestStand solutions in the customer’s organisation, and the customer can then take over responsibility and ongoing development.

CIM works across a wide variety of industries, with products ranging from microchips, to televisions and wind turbines.

Data collection, testing and measurement systems from CIM are often integrated with a graphical intranet system, so that collected data can be quickly monitored and analysed.

PC and embedded software services

Our services as consultants and facilitators cover both PC software as well as embedded software for your electronic device. We have years of experience with real-time embedded software development. As a Microsoft Partner we also have solid year-long experience in the latest technologies in Microsoft based software.

Visit CIM's profile @ Microsoft Pinpoint (in Danish).

Collaborative solutions

We use the Atlassian tools ourselves; in our own projects and working with customers.

When working on a project with CIM, we might use the product suite from Atlassian; to keep track of the project, for visualizing agile processes and for working together.

We can also help you integrate Atlassian tools in your organisation and projects.

Your benefits when choosing CIM  

When you choose to use software consultants or facilitators from CIM, these are some of your benefits:

  • New technology know-how for your company's projects
  • Have your projects kick-started with related experience
  • Level out peak loads in of your company's own resources
  • Use your company's resources for company core competences

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