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Do you want to see the difference?

From simple label inspection with Character recognition and verification using Smart Cameras, to advanced multispectral biologic and organic inspections requiring PC based processing power.

From consultancy and concept discussion through pre-study to custom turn-key solution integration, CIM.AS brings the power of our highly competent vision resources to match your unique machine imaging system needs.

With over 20 years of experience in Vision applications, CIM has seen it all.

Our vision experience comes from more than two hundred vision applications developed over the years in many different industries, from agricultural to industrial and with different machine integration partners. In other words, we are capable of selecting the right system components for you. Each system designed using a modular approach, providing flexibility for the end user. This result in a robust system easy to install, maintain and expand.

Efficiently, accurate and cost-effective.

We see the Light

Asking our Vision Specialists about lightning, they will say “70% or higher of a successful vision application is depending on exactly that” – Choosing the correct light source, optical components and camera technology. Cameras do not see the object – they see the light reflected/absorbed by the object. Therefor we have a vision laboratory at our headquarter in Aarhus and with a wide selection of light sources, lenses and cameras, we are able initially to assess, whether vision can solve a specific task.

What is Machine Vision

Machine vision is the automated extraction of useful information from digital images in an industrial environment. Examples of useful information:

  • Optical Measurement – check dimensional tolerances and shapes
  • Surface Control – check for scratches etc.
  • Part Positioning for Robotic Guidance – pick and Place
  • Reading and validation of printed/imprinted barcodes, 2D matrix codes and text
  • Part location – detects whether parts are absent or placed correctly
  • Confirmation that all components are assembled correctly


CIM.AS SmartVisionSystem

  • - Increase your Quality Assurance and Productivity


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From Idea to Production Floor in no time.

CIM SmartVisionSystem or SVS is a ready-to-use Vision Application Framework for rapidly developing customized vision solutions.

SVS is designed with focus on robustness, simplicity and ease of use, so that when initially commissioned and installed by CIM.AS, the customer can be trained to teach the system new product variants themselves. This flexibility is achieved without any advanced knowledge of machine vision or automation technology.

Through its plugin architecture, new features and customer specific requirements can easily be added. This makes the framework a key differentiator when addressing the concern of total cost of ownership.

SVS features:

  • Process Handler for managing PLC/machine interface
  • OPC and DAQmx based digital I/O interface modules
  • IMAQdx based camera manager for multiple camera configuration
  • User Management and User Trail logging
  • Vision Program editor with extensive Vision Toolbox
  • Customizable Operator Interface


CIM.AS SmartVisionSystem

  • - Increase your Quality Assurance and Productivity

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SVS - Machine Vision