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Ever needed the right type of signal conditioning? Higher sample rates or resolution? Control and monitoring? What about easy configuration and useability? Ever needed a system that is portable? Looking for a Data Logger with the right setup for your application?
For more than 15 years CIM Industrial Systems A/S has developed numerous Data Logging and Control Systems for customers within many different application areas. This experience has now found its way into a new system for Data Logging – We call it GoLog!


Typical Applications

  • Process Monitoring
  • Engine Testing
  • Structural Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring


  • Antialiasing filters
  • Local Storage
  • Web Interface for live view and configuration
  • Web Service


  • Multiple sample and log rates
  • Channel enable/disable
  • Channel naming and scaling


  • Rugged (Flightcase style)
  • CE certified
  • IP5x rated
  • 230VAC/12VDC supply

Measurements (16 channels, 24bit)

  • 8 channels for slow log, max 100Hz/channel:
    Voltage, Current, Strain, RTD, Thermocouple, Resistance
  • 8 channels for fast log, max 50kHz/channel:
    Vibration/noise and Voltage





golog Mobile

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Product sheet: GoLog   


Additional Information 

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