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FlexStand 11 Released. You can now download FlexStand 11 (TS2017 and LV2017). Follow the download link on this page.

NEWS: Now you can access a number of frequently asked questions (FAQ). Click on FlexStand FAQ in the support section of this page.


The flexible TestStand interface makes it possible to significantly reduce the development time of operator interfaces. Only basic LabView and TestStand skills are required.

By using FlexStand you can create simple or advanced operator interfaces for TestStand using only basic LabView programming. A specially designed interface (API) hides all the complex TestStand properties and methods that usually make the task of creating operator interfaces hard. FlexStand integrates fully into the LabView development environment including a tools palette and examples.

Flexstand GUI

The FlexStand API includes all common functionality for very easy access to the TestStand API.


FlexStand allows you to create dynamic operator interfaces that fit the tasks for the device to be tested. The operator interface can even be changed during the test, for instance when a barcode is scanned. A number of tabs, that can change automatically or by user control, provide the operator with more or less information based on your immediate requirements.
As the FlexStand operator interface automatically resizes to the size of the LabView front panels, the programmer has full control over the overall layout. This helps the programmer to allocate more space for some information and less for other.


Plugins are easily created and managed in LabVIEW using the FlexStand API functions. This example shows the top plug-in.


By using a plug-in structure all code can be shared between test stations, which make reuse a simple and natural task.

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The FlexStand Editor is a good starting point for beginners and an excellent tool when debugging.



FlexStand provides examples for both sequential, batch and parallel execution. This example shows a parallel execution with 4 fixtures.


To learn more about FlexStand please visit www.ni.com

If you want licenses for demo or extended trial period, please contact CIM.



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