CATS – Audio Testing Software

cats audio testing software


Audio Software test solution for audio validation and production test

  • Generation and analysis capabilities
  • System calibration
  • Analog In and Out support
  • Step Types integreation in NI TestStand

Key Selling points

  • Configuration based on NI Teststand - no hardware programming needed
  • Support for multi hardware platforms
  • Automatically performs a wide variety of measurements tailored to various test types
  • Includes a complete calibration system
  • Offers development of advanced limits
  • Ability to view data in real time (Live View)


CATS is:

  • Windows 10
  • Labview 2016
  • TestStand 2016
  • TestStand importer and upgrade tool
  • New limit editor
  • Software Licens from ”Software key”


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Software and hardware incl. documentation and test data management package.

Headset test incl ANC - R&D and Production

  • Multitone signal and FFT RMS Response

Headset test incl ANC - R&D and Production

  • Stepped Sine Wave – RMS Response, THD etc
  • Amplitude Sweep – linearity
  • HW: acoustical chamber, NI PXI hardware, cabling and microphones

”Soundcard” test – Production

  • Multitone and generel test, for both input and output
  • Test Coverage justified by testtime (number of channels)
  • Used Customer API for communication with Test Device (Bluetooth and cabled)

Product flyer:

CATS – Audio Testing Software