What can we do for you?

At CIM we do carry our own off-the-shelf items. Everything we sell has been specifically developed to fulfil the need of the customer.
A great portion of our expertise come from consulting, and working as a constructive sparring partner for the customers’ own R/D and production departments. This ensures that we gain the most optimal results.
An array of the solutions we have developed for our customers throughout the years, have resulted in unique technological platforms and products, which, with the necessary modification, could be leveraged by other companies.

Test Solutions

FlexStand Operator Interface is our tool for easy creation of User Interfaces to National Instruments TestStand.


Production IT

CIM has developed a suite of tools for optimizing and following your production. The suite is called CIM Production Tools (CPT). One of the corner stones in CPT is our Statistical Process Control (SPC) web app called FACTS.


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