CIM Catch.AI

Find out where to optimise

The assets in your operation tell a complicated story of how well your business is running – whether those assets are an entire production facility, tank ship, critical pieces of equipment, or something completely different. Our CATCH.AI software makes the assets harness a constant stream of data about the real-time status of your production line or operation. These telemetric streams of data contain the answers to all the questions you might have about how you can improve the efficiency of your operation.

An open system means you‘re the boss

CATCH.AI is a completely open system, which means you control the content of the data streams. You decide which assets to measure and which events you want the system to log. We measure persistent data and secure it in a database, and we make sure everything is converted into easily decodable dashboard graphics.

Go deeper than the KPI

A KPI tells you the answer to a question you have asked in advance. The advanced intelligence in CATCH.AI helps you find out which questions to ask – and then it tells you the answers you need to hear.

CIM CATCH.AI in 30 seconds

  • Industrial IoT software for in-cloud/on-premise big data collection and analysis
  • Collects telemetric data – offers live insights into operation and predictive maintenance
  • Works with both IT and OT
  • Open and flexible system that lets you decide what to measure
  • Highly efficient in pinpointing potential optimisation areas
  • Benefits all industries, from production to pharma to transportation and everything else