CATCH.AI smart data platform

All your data. Available everywhere. All the time.

Transparency is a game changer in any business.

Get ahead of the competition with fact-based answers to your number one question:

How to improve the efficiency of your operation?

Use cases

An efficiency booster for any application

Manufacturing intelligence
Run in new lines faster or retrofit existing equipment with CATCH.AI to get more out of your investment.
Pharma 4.0
Enhance efficiency and product quality with non-intrusive software for complete process control.
Asset monitoring and IIoT
Use CATCH.AI to collect scattered data and monitor any kind of complex operation, e.g. within transportation.

A smart data platform for complete transparency

CATCH.AI is an all-in-one smart data platform for data-driven optimization of any kind of operation.

Whether you prefer to call it Industry 4.0, IIoT or manufacturing intelligence, this is it.

CATCH.AI integrates huge amounts of scattered data from any kind of source and organizes it around events to make it easy and intuitive to navigate.

So that you can make better - and data-backed - decisions.

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Your benefits

Leverage data to optimize your operation

Access to real-time & historic data
One enterprise system with data streams from all your assets for a fact-based shared reality and less dependence on individuals.
Easy retrofit on any existing line
No impact on production or validated systems. No need for a huge IT project. Hardware and sensor independent platform.
An accurate representation of reality
With 5,000-10,000 data points per second, CATCH.AI enables advanced analyses and machine learning.
Video-enhanced root cause analysis
See real-time video or images of what happened prior to an event, determine the root cause and prevent it from happening again.
Role-tailored dashboards
Avoid the trouble of sorting through irrelevant information. Charting, data on demand and quick troubleshooting – also remotely.
DataCare service included
Accelerate your adoption of data-driven decision making and avoid investing in another tool that ends up gathering dust.
Case study

How to increase OEE on a medical device assembly line

One of our customers has decided to dig deeper than the KPIs and let their data guide them towards machine optimization.

Knowing that a less than optimal OEE equals wasted money and resources, they have set out to increase OEE by implementing the smart data platform CATCH.AI on one of their machines.

It's manufacturing intelligence in four simple steps:

  • Store data to have live and historic data available.
  • Find out why events happen and what to do about them.
  • Teach the system where to look for optimization potential.
  • Use machine learning to predict issues and eliminate unplanned downtime.
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