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Noyon, the leading European lace maker, has chosen CIM A/S to supply the control system for their cutting machine based on “machine vision”. The machine separates Noyon’s product - lace - which s used to make women’s lingerie all over the world. The machine required an upgrade to achieve better performance, greater capacity and better quality. The machine is used in Noyon’s production to separate the woven lace into up to 34 strips, at a feed through rate of 30 m / min. The separation is performed using a knife driven by a PC-controlled step motor, guided by digital recordings of the lace from several cameras.

The system uses state-of-the-art technology such as line scan cameras and the new Camera Link standard. This ensures Noyon has an open standard, which makes them independent of any given hardware supplier. The system uses the latest CCD sensor technology. In addition to providing rapid updates, this also minimises optical errors. As a consequence, the quality of the machine’s cutting has been dramatically improved.

Figure 1: Lace is separated using a camera-controlled knife.


The software which collects camera images and controls each knife has been developed in LabVIEW and uses subpixel precision in real time. The software has a French and English user interface, and built-in log management.

The log facilities store the machine’s history, making it possible to review earlier events, for example, to investigate causes of faults and operating errors. This leads to rapid diagnosis of any faults, and the machine can also be monitored remotely via modem and Internet technology.


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