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“When implementing a large automation project, it is important that the technical and organisational details are in place. Our choice of suppliers has allowed us to delegate technical responsibility to the suppliers, leaving us to focus on organisational issues. We are convinced that this leads to the best results”.

“We have also laid a foundation for future automation projects using CIM Industrial Systems A/S as a supplier”

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In cooperation with CIM Industrial Systems A/S and Mikron, Bang & Olufsen Medicom A/S has completed a project to automate the assembly process for the reusable NovoPen3 insulin pen.

Bang & Olufsen Medicom A/S chose two suppliers for this automation project from the outset – CIM Industrial Systems A/S to supply the SCADA and IT system, and Mikron to supply the mechanical systems, including robots, conveyor belts and palettes.

CIM Industrial Systems A/S has worked with a fully integrated quality system for Bang & Olufsen Medicom for a number of years.


The components used to make the NovoPen arrive in specially marked transport boxes. Before each item is fedinto the system, a barcode is scanned which identifies theitem and its batch number.

The SCADA system performs a validation to ensure the item in question may be used to manufacture the given insulin pen. The scanned data is also stored, providing traceability on all components.

Each operator identifies themselves by logging on using a barcode on their ID card.

The barcode scanner is a wireless model which permits the operator great freedom of movement in the factory area.The built-in scanner display provides the operator with status information and reports fault alarms. This means that the fully automatic production line can be operated exclusively using the barcode scanner.

The SCADA system is a modular CIM system developed using Java and LabVIEW.

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