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Grundfos chose TestView to monitor remote pump stations all over the world.

The solution makes testing faster, easier and 100% valid.









Looking for a solution to monitor your devices form a distance?

TestView might be the turnkey solution you have been waiting for. A web-based system designed to give you alarms and a general overview from devices of all kinds, and provide you with remote access to your devices.

The software and user interface of TestView makes your machine-to-machine communication easy. It is designed for ultimate control when developing and deploying new devices in the field. You can sleep well at night, thanks to its proven reliability and outstanding usability.

TestView is a turnkey solution ready for immediate integration with your devices and provides you with remote control of your devices. The system is fully scalable, allowing you to add more functions, features and devices as you need them.

TestView is a web service built on your existing SQL database. It works 24/7/365 and gives you complete control of all device functions and access to all device data when developing or operating from a distance.

Communicating via web service, xml interface, TCP/IP, serial, USB or other communication protocols, TestView’s programming interface is simple and makes it easy to web-enable your devices and control them using a web-browser. You can also receive alarms and advanced notifications via e-mail or text messages on your mobile phone (mobile data logging).

Out-of-the-box monitoring

and control application for your devices

  • Seamless integration with your devices
  • Machine to Machine interface (M2M)
  • Web based software
  • Alarm and data logging
  • Graphs and easy overview
  • User management


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Download Product sheet: Grundfos - TestView