CIM A/S has supplied Dantherm H.M.S. in Skive, Denmark with a fully integrated system for data capture and production control. The system is integrated with the ERP system and the test systems on the production lines. The production plan is implemented by printing a barcode label for each device in a given order.

This barcode follows the device throughout the entire process, from start-up, until the device is placed in the warehouse or shipped to the customer.


dantherm Integrated production ITThe production plan comes from the company’s ERP system. Other examples of data exchanged with the ERP system include:

  • Time recording
  • Start of production
  • Notification of completion
  • Flex balance
  • Number of sales orders
  • Product number and parts lists


Employees can record arrival and departure using the wireless scanners. Time registration can take place directly on the production order. Whenever a time registration is performed, the employee’s flex balance is shown on the scanner display.

Electrical testing of the devices on the production lines has been automated. The condition and test results for each device are exchanged between the test systems and the data capture system.

The device status and position registration data collected is used to produce statistics for key figures relating to devices and production.

A device which has been assembled and approved in all work processes, is reported as complete. The ERP system is then informed that a device is ready in relation to a particular order. Operators report that the device is complete by scanning the barcode on the device.

In this system, the scanner has the great advantage of requiring much less physical space than a PC . The wireless scanners may also be freely moved around the production and warehouse areas. The scanner display provides access to much of the information available within the ERP system and on the intranet.


CIM A/S has developed an intranet as part of the overall system. This intranet is used by administrative personnel to extract various reports and enter basic data which is not part of the ERP system.

Such an intranet system makes access very simple, as all data can be retrieved directly from a browser.introimage Dantherm 1

Example intranet reports:

  • Percentage non-defective
  • Error pareto
  • Throughput times
  • Inventory status
  • Order status
  • Unit status
  • Operator status
  • Barcode printouts


Barcode sheets have been put on display at the workstations on the production line containing commands, fault codes, and data from parts lists and checklists.

The checklists specify the things operators must check for each work process. A device is only approved for a given work process if the checklist is approved.

Devices must be approved at a given work process before the next work process may be commenced.