DEIF Production System

DEIF ensures full product traceability and product quality visibility with their tailor-made integrated production system DPS. 

With CIM A/S as their technology partner in production IT, DEIF has specified and implemented an integrated production IT system fully supporting their business processes.

The system is customized to meet the requirements of its everyday users, from production shop operators to product quality and production managers.

Based in Denmark, DEIF is a global supplier of green, safe and reliable controls solutions for decentralized power production, marine/offshore and wind turbines. To DEIF, product quality is vital and their highest priority, as product servicing often needs to be performed on-site under extremely difficult circumstances.

DEIF and CIM Electronics have implemented the DEIF Production System (DPS) with functionality strongly supporting high product quality and full traceability for products delivered by DEIF. The production IT system consists of:

  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) ensuring and documenting production quality and facilitating production process improvements and optimizations.
  • PLR (Paperless Repair) ensuring a fully documented product repair process with active re-use of the obtained product failure and repair experience.
  • Traceability ensuring full product traceability, including sales orders, sub-assemblies and sub-supplied components.
    Everything is individually labeled with unique barcodes, which are scanned at assembly time by production shop operators.
  • In order to ensure full integrity of the production data and quality documentation, DPS is fully integrated with DEIF’s automated production test equipment and their Baan ERP system

The benefits and payback potential for DEIF in having invested in DPS are numerous, giving DEIF extra competitive advantages:

  • Well-documented product quality
  • Optimized production and repair processes
  • Automated production quality supervision
  • Improved product guarantee service costs

For further developments and improvements to their production system, DEIF will continue to work in close collaboration with CIM as their trusted technology partner

for production IT.

CIM is proud to participate in the successful implementation of DPS giving DEIF that extra competitive edge and business potential.


Download Customer case: DEIF - DEIF Production System (DPS)