CIM release a brand new version of their SPC tool


CIM'  web based tool for statistical process control (SPC) has been completely redesigned in terms of graphical appearance end database structure. The overall user experience has been significantly improved thanks to performance optimizations and a fully up-to-date and stylish HTML5 based user interface. When designing the new user interface, the main focus remained on keeping things simple and easy to use, while still offering the advanced features necessary to pinpoint and document production quality issues using the tool.

Design and development work for this third major release of CIM SPC has been performed in cooperation with selected customers. The end result is very well received wherever it is demonstrated. Especially the stylish easy-to-use interface and improved performance is acknowledged during demonstrations.

CIM SPC can be used in all manufacturing industries. Importers for production measurements will be tailor-made for your specific needs, in case it is not already supported by CIM SPC.

Please, do not hesitate in contacting us for further information and a demonstration of the new CIM SPC.

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