CIM Industrial Systems A/S is now Goepel partner in Denmark

GOEPEL electronic, world-class vendor of JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions compliant with IEEE Std. 1149.x announces the extended incorporation of CIM Industrial Systems A/S into the global alliance program GATE™ (GOEPEL Associated Technical Experts). CIM will focus in particular on application development and practical implementation of new JTAG/Boundary Scan based solutions as well as their integration into existing test systems.

“By partnering with CIM we purposefully integrated experienced and highly skilled technology vendors into our alliance platform”, says Frank Amm, GOEPEL electronic’s Corporate GATE Program Manager. “We see the cooperation between CIM and GOEPEL electronic as a key strategic alliance to provide Danish companies with an additional local application resource as well as support. The new GATE partnership gives us the opportunity to react more flexible to numerous customer requirements.”

“We’ve already been working with CIM on more projects with integrated GOEPEL electronic tools for test and programming of electronic boards”, adds Lars Kongsted-Jensen, Director at the Nordic & Baltic distributor EP-TeQ. “So it’s now a natural extension of our relationship in order to prepare our setup for the increasing interest for Embedded System Access (ESA)”

For more information please contact Lars Kongsted-Jensen Ep-TeQ A/S +45 87 48 06 08 
or contact Morten Pedersen from CIM Industrial Systems atmpe@cim.asor +45 23 71 85 02
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