CIM Industrial System wins alliance partner of the year 2013

In October 2013 CIM Industrial Systems A/S was named “Alliance Partner of the year” in the Nordic region. The prize was given during the annual NI Days meeting for all the National Instruments partners which was held in The Netherlands. The prize is given to the company who receives the highest score in a number of categories including technology, marketing and awareness. It is the employees and the Management from the different countries who rate the various companies. 
To receive the prize on behalf of CIM was Lasse Damsø and Morten Pedersen. It is the first time ever this prize has been given, which according to Lasse Damsø makes the satisfaction that much greater.
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The prize is given by (from left): 
Armando Valim (NI), Francis Griffiths (NI), Rene Voorhorst (NI), Morten Pedersen (CIM), Lasse Damsø (CIM), Georg Plasswilm (NI)