Niels Sørensen, Ole Thomsen and Allan Henneberg founded CIM Industrial Systems A/S in 1998. As software engineers from Bang & Olufsen and Grundfos, they had been working with CIM systems, data collection, test solutions and software solutions. Through their work, they had discovered the great potential in using these systems in many other areas of a production. 

Test Solutions - CIM.AS Production IT - CIM.AS Data Logging - CIM.AS

Per Clausen joined the group and founded CIM Electronics A/S to boost the product development for external customers. CIM.AS opened their office in Aarhus.
Henning Vestergaard joined CIM.AS as an investing partner. He had a background as group manager at Bang & Olufsen and president at Jamo and Gram. Henning Vestergaard was therefore fully qualified take the post as chairman of the board.
Niels Sørensen decided to sell his part of CIM Industrial Systems A/S. The ownership became divided between Ole Thomsen, Allan Henneberg and Henning Vestergaard, with Allan Henneberg as the Managing Director.
The office in Copenhagen was opened, which allowed CIM.AS to supply consultancy services to customers in the Danish capital area.
CIM.AS acquires the Machine Vision divison from T&O Stelectric A/S and opens CIM Vision Lab in Aarhus. Morten Pedersen became an investing partner in CIM Industrial Systems A/S.

Machine Vision - CIM.AS

CIM.AS buys CIM Software Testing A/S (formerly Sequanto A/S) including its visual software testing tool, SeqZap. Anders Meister joined CIM.AS as Sales Director.

SeqZap, CIM.AS' visual software test tool

Anders Meister - CIM.AS
Anders Meister, Sales Director

Lasse Damsø Pedersen succeeded Allan Henneberg as Managing Director.
 Lasse Damsø Pedersen - CIM.AS
Lasse Damsø Pedersen, Managing Director


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