CIM is working with Stevanato Group to provide turnkey solutions for serializing  pharmacutical packaging lines. CIM Serialization System can be used for both existing and new packaging lines.

CIM Serialization System

Pharmaceutical companies are introducing serialization (track & trace) across their different products. They do so to protect their patients against counterfeit pharmaceuticals and medication errors as well as to ensure real-time sharing of information among all stakeholders in the supply chain. Countries around the world already have or are introducing regulations to ensure pharmaceutical serialization.

Serialization is ensured by providing the smallest possible sales unit with a unique serial number during packaging. At patient delivery, the unit can then be checked against a database holding these unique numbers ensuring that the unit is what it claims to be.

The ability to serialize products is thus essential for pharmaceutical companies. However, it needs to be managed so that the absolute need for accuracy does not compromise high packaging line speed. Competitive advantage thus belongs to enterprises that embrace high-power informatics platforms. CIM Serialization System delivers unprecedented capability to integrate serialization with pharmaceutical packaging lines with none to minimal loss of packaging and aggregation speed.

The CIM group have developed this informatics capability through long-time collaboration with one of the most advanced and highly successful pharmaceutical packaging line builders, the Stevanato Group.

The CIM Serialization System can though be integrated into any existing or new packaging line. Below you see a schematic overview of the CIM Serialization System modules provided with the solution.



The Site Server integrates data to and from all packaging lines software / devices and ensure retrieval and delivery of the unique serial numbers used during packaging from and to the Enterprise systems in place.

The CIM Serialization System integrates tightly with the machine’s PLC, printer and vision systems allowing us to handle all possible packaging errors occurring on the line. This again ensures high overall equipment efficiency and traceability of the serialized units.

Ease of use is ensured through use of one common and integrated line HMI where CIM products are used.

The CIM Serialization System is a highly integrated and configurable system that provides competitive advantage to customers through its high accuracy with minimal if any effect on packaging speed, and longer-term as it provides a highly scalable informatics platform allowing for connection of more serialized packaging lines in the future.



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