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Machine Vision

Klar til Industri ver. 4.0

Vore certificerede softwareudviklere kender alle hjørnerne i vores solide platforme. Vi har oparbejdet et mangeårigt erfaringsgrundlag, som dagligt bidrager til industriens smartere produktionsfaciliteter.

"Det er vores mission at vi i et tæt samarbejde med Jer i produktionsindustrien, projekterer og leverer den rigtige Industri 4.0 softwareløsning, således at I kan holde fokus på netop Jeres specifikke forretningsområde"

Industriel Internet Of Things er vores speciale, når det drejer sig om den smarte måde at producere på

Vi sørger for, at de mangeartede produktionsmoduler taler sammen – og at de også taler samme sprog. Vi indfanger de relevante data i produktionen, vi tester og sikrer 100 % verifikation og sporbarhed på emnet. Vi analyserer datafangsten og agerer med henblik på kvalitetsoptimering, således at fejlraten løbende reduceres og unødigt spild i produktionen fjernes. Samtidig sikrer vi dataudveksling mellem ERP systemet og produktionsapparatet, hvilket medfører en forenkling af de ofte komplekse interne arbejdsrutiner.

CIM.AS - Test Solutions, Production IT, Machine Vision, Big Data, and Development

Interface, datafangst, fortolkning af Big Data samt udvikling af test- og styresystemer er så afgjort vore kernekompetencer

Meet us at stand no. C-3828 at E-16, 6-8 September 2016 in Odense Congress Center

Mød os på E16 og hør mere om vores kompetencer – bl.a. indenfor fremtidens Internet of Things (IoT).

Besøg E-16's website for at læse det fulde program


Machine Vision

Machine Vision - The Industrial Internet of Things That See

Do you want to see the difference?

From simple label inspection with character recognition and verification using Smart Cameras, to advanced multispectral biologic and organic inspections requiring PC cased processing power.
From consultancy and concept discussion through pre-study to custom turn-key solution integration, CIM.AS brings the power of our highly competent vision resources to match your unique machine imaging system needs.

With over 15 years of experience in Vision applications, CIM has seen it all

Our vision experience comes from more than two hundred vision applications developed over the years in many different industries, from agricultural to industrial and with different machine integration partners. In other words, we are capable of selecting the right system components for you. Each system designed using a modular approach, providing flexibility for the end user. This result in a robust system easy to install, maintain and expand. Efficiently, accurate and cost-effective.

We see the Light

Asking our Vision Specialists about lighting, they will say “70% or higher of a successful vision application is depending on exactly that” – choosing the correct light source, optical components and camera technology. Cameras do not see the object – they see the light reflected/absorbed from the object. Therefor we have a vision laboratory at our headquarter in Aarhus and with a wide selection of light sources, lenses and cameras, we are able initially to assess, whether vision can solve a specific task.

What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is the automated extraction of useful information from digital images in an industrial environment.

Examples of useful information:
• Optical Measurement – check dimensional tolerances and shapes
• Surface Control – check for scratches etc.
• Part Positioning for Robotic Guidance – pick & Place
• Reading and validation of printed/imprinted barcodes, 2D matrix codes and text
• Part location – detects whether parts are absent or placed correctly
• Confirmation that all components are assembled correctly

CIM.AS - Test Solutions, Production IT, Machine Vision, Big Data, and Development

CIM.AS Machine Vision - Increase your Quality Assurance and Productivity

On our stand B1318 we will focus on our flexible and robust vision software solution for the real world applications. We do software and we capture and handle data from your production line, for your valuable decision making. We have the experience, the knowledge and the customers references to back up our solutions. We are dedicated to help you.


Meet us at stand no. B1318 at Automatik 2016, 13-16 September 2016 in Brøndby Hallen

For more information, please call or come by and meet us at Automatik 2016 booth B1318.

Visit the website of Automatik 2016 to read the full program

CIM Industrial System wins alliance partner of the year 2013

In October 2013 CIM Industrial Systems A/S was named “Alliance Partner of the year” in the Nordic region. The prize was given during the annual NI Days meeting for all the National Instruments partners which was held in The Netherlands. The prize is given to the company who receives the highest score in a number of categories including technology, marketing and awareness. It is the employees and the Management from the different countries who rate the various companies. 
To receive the prize on behalf of CIM was Lasse Damsø and Morten Pedersen. It is the first time ever this prize has been given, which according to Lasse Damsø makes the satisfaction that much greater.
News NI AlliancePartnerOfYear NER
The prize is given by (from left): 
Armando Valim (NI), Francis Griffiths (NI), Rene Voorhorst (NI), Morten Pedersen (CIM), Lasse Damsø (CIM), Georg Plasswilm (NI)

NI recognises Alliance Partner CIM Industrial Systems as a Vision Specialty Partner

National Instruments has announced that Alliance Partner CIM Industrial Systems has achieved Vision Specialty status, in recognition of their proven expertise in imaging and vision systems. CIM now joins only 14 companies worldwide that have achieved this accreditation and is the only Vision Specialty Alliance Partner in Scandinavia. CIM excels in developing customised computer vision solutions and also has extensive software knowledge, with five LabVIEW Architects (the highest NI level of certification) on the team.

"I'm delighted to congratulate CIM on achieving Vision Specialty Partner status,
in recognition of our long standing relationship and their deep expertise in developing
advanced vision systems throughout Scandinavia".

Carsten Watolla, NI Alliance Partners Business Development Manager - Nordics & Benelux

NI Alliance Partners participating in the Vision Specialty program have proven expertise in imaging and vision systems and are identified as experts for customers who require software development, integration or consulting services.  Alliance Partners with the Vision Specialty understand system-level solutions for vision applications and can specify and integrate all of the necessary system components, including cameras, illumination, optics, image processing software and image acquisition hardware.  Furthermore, NI reviews the capabilities of each Alliance Partner participating in the Vision Specialty and uses the AIA System Integration Company Certification to achieve industry validation of machine vision excellence.

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